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Chenoa , IL


What happened to my milage.

Let me start this with statement. My first Goldwing was a GL1200 and I used Elite 3 Dunlap tires. When 8 bought my GL1500 it came with the Bridgestone G709 and G704 Tires and always got decent mileage. In 2002 I bought my first GL1800 and again it came with the Bridgestone tire. I road the hell out of every set and always always got 18,000 20,000 plus miles. Iam anal when it comes to tire pressure--I literally check it every week because I ride rear round. So, last summer while on a cross country ride from California to Illinois I knew I need new tires, so i ordered them and had them waiting for me at my nephew's home. So here it is now spring with just barely 10,000 miles on my rear G704 tire and the cord is showing. What happened to my milage. I barely got half the normal miles I am used to getting. Has this happened to anyone else? Sorry Bridgestone but you won't be getting me as a customer anymore. I rate the tires 4 stars for handling in all weather...heat, rain, snow, and ice, but milage is now a 1.

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Very happy with these tires.

I've used these on my Wing and F6. Excellent wet pavement performance.

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Swansboro , NC


Bridgestone Tires

I just turned 100,000 miles on my Goldwing and all of those miles have been on Bridgestone tires.
Not the safest thing to do, but i actually put 25,000 miles on the back tire and 28,000 on the front.
Needless to say when they were taken off the rims, they could stand up by themselves !
Yes ! They are the best tire i have ever ridden on !!

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Great Tires

I love these tires for the most part. Confident, and smooth ride. I have dyno beads in both of them. Fantastic! The one down side I will not repeat is I bought this combo with faith in the words of the sale...designed specifically for the GL1800...and they are for the most part. However, as a combo it comes with the rear tire being the G704 180/60R16. A great tire, except my speedometer was off by 4 mph the moment I installed this rear wheel. I think the 60R16 is the culprit...the G702 180/70R16 is the proper tire for an accurate speedometer reading. So the next set I purchase will not be this combo.

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Leeds, AL


Great Tire

Best all round tire you can buy for your gl1800, sticky, wet road characteristics are amazing.

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